The Family Tree on the Christmas Tree

Among my favorite Christmas ornaments are some I made many years ago that contain copies of old photographs of family members.  Grandmothers, grandfathers, great uncles, great aunts, and more adorn our tree. 

I regret that I can't tell you what to buy to make these, because I have never since found the supplies.  But I'll describe the process, and maybe it will inspire some creative person to adapt them and use them.  To make them, I bought: clear glass frames with a thin metal edging with metal rings to use as hangers (this is what I can't find anymore), velvet ribbon (burgandy and green), and black and white copies of old photos.  I cut the photos to fit the frame, plus a piece of cardstock for the back.  I placed the photo on the glass, and then slipped the cardstock just under the rim of the metal frame, thus holding the photo in place.  Threading the velvet ribbon through the rings provided me with a hanger.  On the back of each one, I wrote as much information as I knew about the person in the photo (name, relation to me, age at the time of the photo, location, etc.).  Wonderful old, familiar faces on the tree.


  1. Oh Kate I just love that idea! I have so many old photos that I collect and to make some of these and gift them would be wonderful:-)

  2. I like your idea of giving them as personal and touching. I just made copies of old photos on a copying machine, because I was unwilling to cut the photos. But if you could find frames in standard sizes, that would make it easier.


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