Christmas Day Menu

- Christmas Morning -

Egg Casserole
Potato Casserole
Raspberry Coffee Cake
Coffee - Hot Cocoa - Orange Juice

- Christmas Dinner -

Glazed, Spiral-Sliced Ham
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Orange-Glazed Carrots
Spinach Salad with Raspberries and Candied Pecans - Raspberry Vinaigrette
Dinner Rolls
Chocolate-Raspberry Trifle


  1. oooh Kate it all sounds so wonderful and I would love the recipe for that trifle!

  2. It sounds wonderful, Kate.... I think you did some good planning for breakfast and it will be easily prepared.
    Merry Christmas..

  3. Suzanne - I'll email it to you later today...after I get some Christmas sewing done.

    Faye Henry - We've had the same breakfast menu for many years. If I were to deviate from it, there would be a household-wide uproar! Haha! But the goal of my planning was to spend time with my family on Christmas morning, and not in the kitchen. So the coffee cake is baked the day before. Casseroles are prepared and waiting in the refrigerator on Christmas morning. The table is set-up buffet style on Christmas Eve. Coffee maker is all ready to turn on. So when I get up on Christmas morn, I just have to turn on the oven, pop the casseroles in, flip the switch on the coffee maker, and join my family around the Christmas tree. It makes for a low-key, relaxed, but delicious meal.


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