In the Big City

When Felicity was about seven years old, I was at a little shop where I was purchasing for her a pair of hiking boots and a pair of black velvet dress shoes with exuberant black satin bows.  The clerk asked if they were both for my daughter.  Upon learning that they were, she laughed and pointing at the velvet shoes said, "I would never buy those for my daughter.  She'd only be comfortable in the hiking boots."  How sad.  I wanted my daughters to grow up as equally comfortable in the world of hiking boots as the world of black velvet shoes.

Last weekend was one of those moments for Technohubby and I.  Time to get out of the garden...cast aside the gardening gloves.  Slip into something black and a little sparkly.  We went into Boston.

The special event was a dinner cruise of Boston Harbor.  Dinner was multi-coursed and delicious.

The city lights were lovely!

My black velvet evening coat had a good airing.  Back to the garden now.

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