Civic Involvement

Max and I have been really busy for the last couple of days...and will be for the next few days to come.  We are helping out on a congressional campaign.  We're working with a team of about 30 other young people in a lovely, old building.

The civic-minded young people waved campaign signs on street corners, passed out literature and talked to voters door to door, and made thousands and thousands of phone calls.  They sit in the elegant conference room and dutifully call voters for hours on end.

Max has talked to people who have been friendly, people who have sworn, people who have hung up on him, and everyone in between.  It's a great experience for a 13-year old.

And the campaign's been feeding us too.  Here's a sure sign that young people are hard at work.

Don't forget to vote on November 2nd!


  1. Does Max have political aspirations? My son became fascinated with politics at an early age and intends to make a career working for/with the government. I think it is wonderful that you are exposing him to something that not many people know much about. Love your blog!

  2. Volunteering on campaigns is such a great lesson in American politics and taking issues you care about into your own hands. I am now done with college and married, but was also home schooled from 1st grade through high school graduation. My Mom made sure we were out working for campaigns every year from age nine to adulthood.

    I ran across you blog through (I think?) Pleasant View Schoolhouse and just wanted to say hello and let you know I've really enjoyed it. We're a young military family, currently living wherever we're posted, but looking forward to a more rural life some day. I blog at:

  3. Dondi - Thank you for your sweet words about my blog! My son, at this point, does not have political aspirations. He's not really sure what he wants to do for a career someday. He does, however, have a more than average interest in current events, so we thought that maybe he would enjoy work like this. Spread a broad feast and let them discover what God might have for them, is our idea!

    Sarah - I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit! That's wonderful that you worked, as a family, on campaigns! I think it's a great idea. So many valuable lessons to be learned! God bless!


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