Autumn Farmers' Market

Colette and I went to the farmers' market in search of farm fresh apples.

We love the farmers' market at anytime of year.  But I love how it changes so completely in the autumn.

Gone are the soft and luscious fruits of summer and the heaps of juicy tomatoes.  No, those won't do for fall.  Fall farmers' market pickings are thick shelled and sturdy.  Rugged vegetables that will fill up your hungry family, your root cellars, and your pantries.

And then there are the apples.  Sweet nectar of autumn in every crunchy bite!

Time to get cooking in the kitchen!


  1. Hi Kate,

    Just came across your blog and had to tell you that I love your style of writing, your pretty photos and your Christian witness. New England is such a pretty place, isn't it? I so enjoy the farmer's markets and the church rummage sales. Judy

  2. Thanks so much, Judy! Yes, New England is delightful in every respect! Bugs in the summer evenings just might be the only thing I don't enjoy about it. Church rummage sales? Adding that to my mental list of places to explore. Thanks!

  3. Kate, thanks for stopping by:-) If I didn't know better I would think that was West Brookfield's farmers market. Although your in New ENgland too , right? What are the chances we live near each other...LOL!

  4. I love your blog, Suzanne!
    No, it's not the farmers' market in West Brookfield, but I think West Brookfield's must be a very scenic one too! And since I don't even know where West Brookfield is, we probably don't live near each other. But your little corner of New England is lovely!


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