Bachelor Cooking Skills

This year, partly for school and partly for real life, Max is learning what I call "Bachelor Cooking Skills", because I want to raise a man who isn't helpless in the kitchen.  I hope he has a loving wife who cooks him delicious meals someday, but until that time I want him to feel competent in the kitchen.  To ease this transition into the kitchen, he's started with the more manly realm of...grill.

His grilled up some fine meals for us.  Steak's on the menu!

A Generous Trade

Colette has her own business selling baked goods at a local farmers' market. She wears a vintage-style apron each week.

Lately, she's been selling all sort of delicious autumn-inspired scones, cranberry-orange bread.

Last week she gave a leftover scone to a fellow vendor, who gave her a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers he had leftover.  A generous trade, if you ask me!

The bouquet is comprised of many everlastings.  We're going to hang them to dry when the fresh flowers die.  It will be a bright spot of color in her room this winter.


After being a longtime private blogger, with the help and encouragement of my dear family, I am creating this public blog.  It's a journal.  It's a window.  It's a chronicle of our life here at Wonderful Life Farm, as we live and learn and grow and be. 

I see such beauty in raising a family and homekeeping, and I hope this blog will convey that.  May it be an encouragement to others.
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