This Week's Menus

Thursday - Spaghetti, onion bread, salads from the garden

Friday - Enchiladas Suizas, tortilla chips and homemade salsa

Saturday - Kids fix themselves Mac & Cheese, fruit, and rolls; Technohubby and I are having an evening out

Sunday - Autumn Picnic!  Small sandwiches, apples and caramel, crackers and cheeses, cider, applesauce cake

Monday - Fajitas, tortilla chips and homemade salsa

Tuesday - Stuffed potatoes, green salads from the garden

Wednesday - Max grills!  Tri-tip, onioned potatoes, green salads

All in a Day's Work

Swept the floors.  Supervised schoolwork.  Made phone calls.  Drove to town and kept appointments.  Took dog to see the veterinarian.  Bought eggs from a local farm.  Set kids about chores.  Canned four pint jars of pear sauce (quite tasty).  Harvested: four more pounds of tomatoes, a bell pepper, a handful of jalapeno peppers, and an armload of basil.  Made my family breakfast for dinner.  A full day, but a good one.

Visiting with a Friend

A friend of mine from the west coast is in New England.  We met for lunch today.  We walked the leaf-strewn brick sidewalks.  We caught up on each other's lives.  We admired other people's children and dogs.  We shared prayer requests.  We ate.  My dessert stared at me.  I stared at it.  I won the stare down.  Delicious, as well as adorable.


Sabbath Rest

"The church's one foundation
is Jesus Christ her Lord.
She is his new creation
By water and the Word.
From heaven He came and sought her
To be His holy bride;
With His own blood He bought her,
And for her life He died."

--Samuel J. Stone (1866)

Last Day at the Lake

This summer, I have taken Max and his friends to a nearby lake to fish.

They bring bait and reels and tackle boxes.

I bring books and knitting and a comfortable chair.

It's a good arrangement!  We're already looking forward to renewing this tradition next summer.

Harvest Moon

It is the Harvest Moon!  On gilded vanes
   And roofs and villages, on woodland crests
   And their aerial neighborhood of nests
   Deserted, on the curtained window-panes.
Of rooms where children sleep, on country lanes
   And harvest-fields, its mystic splendor rests!
   Gone are the birds that were our summer guests,
   With the last sheaves return the laboring wains!
All things are symbols: the external shows
   Of nature have their image in the mind,
   As flowers and fruits and falling of the leaves;
The song-birds leave us at the summer's close,
   Only the empty nests are left behind,
   And pipings of the quail among the sheaves.

--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Autumn Beauties

Today, while driving into town to return some items borrowed from the library, I passed a house where an elderly woman was pushing a sign into the ground next to a small table.  On the table were bags of freshly-picked pears.  The sign said "Free Pears".  No doubt about it...I stopped.
The woman, who was 91-years old, refused payment for the pears.  "God gave them to me, and now I give them to others," she said with simplicity.

Six pounds of these beauties came home with me.  I think pear sauce is in their future.  And I'll deliver a jar to a sweet 91-year old woman.

Bachelor Cooking Skills

This year, partly for school and partly for real life, Max is learning what I call "Bachelor Cooking Skills", because I want to raise a man who isn't helpless in the kitchen.  I hope he has a loving wife who cooks him delicious meals someday, but until that time I want him to feel competent in the kitchen.  To ease this transition into the kitchen, he's started with the more manly realm of...grill.

His grilled up some fine meals for us.  Steak's on the menu!

A Generous Trade

Colette has her own business selling baked goods at a local farmers' market. She wears a vintage-style apron each week.

Lately, she's been selling all sort of delicious autumn-inspired scones, cranberry-orange bread.

Last week she gave a leftover scone to a fellow vendor, who gave her a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers he had leftover.  A generous trade, if you ask me!

The bouquet is comprised of many everlastings.  We're going to hang them to dry when the fresh flowers die.  It will be a bright spot of color in her room this winter.

Sabbath Rest

"This is what the LORD says:
'Stand at the crossroads and look;
ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
and you will find rest for your souls...' " -- Jeremiah 6:16

Chives Preserved

"Scarcely a green or vegetable salad is not considerably livened both in flavor and appearance by the addition of chives.  They are an attractive garnish.  Chive butter is useful in seasoning many kinds of sandwiches and hot dishes.  In fact, this herb has nearly unlimited uses in the kitchen to make food interesting and lively."

"For use in winter, chives may be harvested, cut finely with scissors or a sharp knife, and stored in a plastic carton in the freezer.  To use, simply dip a spoon in to loosen and remove the quantity needed..."  -- Betty Crocker's Kitchen Gardens by Mary Mason Campbell (illustrated by Tasha Tudor)

Three cups of finely snipped chives were frozen today.  Quite enough chives for every baked potato we can eat, dripping with melting butter and oozing with sour cream.  There will be plenty of chives leftover for garnishing soups...and enlivening biscuits...adding to dumplings...and ever so many other delectable uses.

Dahlias in the Flower Bed

The dahlias are at their height of glory.  They're dinner plate-sized dahlias.  They must contain a gazillion petals each.  I love their feminine pink color.  Next year, I'd like to plant them in autumn colors: yellows, and golds, and crimsons, and plums.

Colorful Medley

Three different types of summer squash, one purple bell pepper, a few chunks of red onion, a drizzle of olive oil, and a sprinkling of freshly picked thyme...cook at 350 degrees for 30 mins. (or until tender), stirring occassionally.  A colorful summer medley.


"Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!  How unsearchable His judgements, and his paths beyond tracing out!  Who has known the mind of the Lord?  Or who has been His counselor?  Who has ever given to God, that God should repay Him?  For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.  To Him be the glory forever!  Amen."

Sunday walk with Technohubby.

First of the Season

The first tomato of the year is a wonderfully delicious sight!  One huge Brandywine tomato warm from the sun and just awaiting its role in a salad.  It performed splendidly.  It was through and through...superb!

This Week's Menus

Thursday - slow-roasted chicken, grilled summer squashes (from the farmers' market) with fresh herbs (from the garden), tossed green salad (from the garden)

Friday - pasta with grilled chicken and pesto, baguette

Saturday - hamburgers and hot dogs (Max will be grilling!), fresh corn-on-the-cob (from the farmers' market)

Sunday - leftover garlic-studded pork tenderloin, rice vermicelli, tossed green salad (from the garden)

Monday - homemade pizza, tossed green salad (from the garden...again!)

Tuesday - Colette's Birthday! - maple chicken, mashed potatoes, garlic green beans (from the garden), chocolate cake and ice cream

Wednesday - spaghetti, garlic bread, tossed green salad (from he garden)

Back to School and Rhythm

Fifteenth year of homeschooling began today.  There's always the sense that free time is over.  But the peaceful rhythm of school days are welcome too.  Not so many choices.  Discipline feels good after a summertime of fun.  School books tackled.  Laundry done.  Garden tended.  Floors swept.  Everything's falling into place.


After being a longtime private blogger, with the help and encouragement of my dear family, I am creating this public blog.  It's a journal.  It's a window.  It's a chronicle of our life here at Wonderful Life Farm, as we live and learn and grow and be. 

I see such beauty in raising a family and homekeeping, and I hope this blog will convey that.  May it be an encouragement to others.
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